Occasionally we get email from people who didnít receive their password after requesting it. Our system sends out the email immediately when you click the Email Password button. Occasionally there are delays on the Internet and with certain providers in delivering email. Typically this delay is only a couple of minutes, but it is possible that it could be longer.
Below is a list of things to consider if you didnít receive your password:
  • Are your spam detection settings set up in a way that prevents our email from coming through? Check your Junk Mail folder to see if your email was sent there and configure your settings to allow email from
  • If you are using AOL it is likely that they are blocking our email. Click here for information on how to correct that issue.
  • Did you type your email address in correctly?
  • Is your MSN, Yahoo!, Hotmail, or other mailbox full?

If none of the above solved your problem click here.