Jeff Pitchell’s Pay Now Play Now technology allows you to purchase a CD with a major credit card, download it to your PC and immediately play and/or burn it to a CD! In a few days, you will still receive the actual CD in the mail just like you would buy in the store. This way you get the best of both worlds; you get to listen to your new CD after just a few minutes of downloading and you get to own the entire product as presented by the artist!
The only thing you need in order to use this service is Microsoft Windows Media 9 player (which is a free download). Click here for all the system requirements.

To use this service:
  1. Purchase the CD online
  2. Download the music to your computer
  3. Play one of the songs that you downloaded
  4. License your new music
    The first time you play one of the tracks for the CD that you downloaded, you will be asked for your Username and Password. This Username and Password is the same one that you use to login to the Jeff Pitchell website. Just follow a couple simple steps and your license will be automatically installed for you.
  5. Optionally burn your new music to a CD.

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