Questions & Answers
What are the restrictions on how I can use the music I download?

By purchasing a music download, you are entitled to:

  • Download the music to 1 computer
  • Back up music to 2 additional computers (see instructions below)
  • Make 3 burns to a CD
  • Make unlimited transfers to a portable device

Microsoft Windows Media® Player 9 keeps track of the rights associated with each song.

To back up your music, you will need to make copies of 1) the song files, and 2) the license files and transfer these to the new computer. Your song files are available in the place where you download your music.

To back up license files, in Windows Media Player go to the Tools menu and click on License Management. You will see a dialogue box asking you where you want to store the license backup files. Click the "Back up Now" button to save the license files to this location. Then transfer the license files to the new computer. Please refer to the instructions in the Windows Media Player's help system for more information on backing up and restoring music to a computer.

If I pay with a check, will I be able to download my music now?
No. You will not be able to download, receive your license to play the music, or burn it to a CD until we receive your check. We are currently working on a PayPal payment system which should be available soon to better service people without credit cards.

What computer should I use to download my music?
You should download your music to the one computer where you keep your digital music. Once you play a song, it can be played, burned or transferred to a portable player from that computer only, based on the usage rights for that song.

How many days do I have to play a song for the first time after I purchase it?
You must play a song within 120 days of purchase. After 120 days, the license file that is required to play the song will no longer be available. After you play the song for the first time, you will be able to play it any time thereafter.

What file format is the download music?
Music downloads from are 128-bit WMA files. The WMA format allows record companies to protect their music by using Digital Rights Management (DRM) encryption. This means that music downloads are legal, safe, and easy to use. The 128-bit WMA files also offer superior sound quality.

How do I install, configure, and troubleshoot Windows Media® Player 9?
Please visit Microsoft's web site for detailed instructions on how to set up your Windows Media Player at:

Can I play music downloads on my Macintosh® computer?
No. Music downloads are not compatible with any Macintosh computer. The music that you download requires Digital Rights Management 9 (DRM 9) software, which is not compatible with the Macintosh operating system yet.

Can I transfer the music I download to a portable player?
Yes, you can as long as the player is able to play WMA files (note: iPods currently DO NOT play WMA files). Please refer to the documentation that came with your player to determine if it is compatible with WMA-format music.

What does this error pop-up mean? Security Upgrade Required - The owner of the protected content you are trying to access requires you to first upgrade some of the Microsoft digital rights management (DRM) components on your computer.
This has to do with the individualization settings on your computer. Make sure your 'individualization' is 'on'. Some 'spyware' programs advise you to turn it off, but it is a critical component to your DRM licensing decryption protocols.

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