System Requirements
  1. A Windows PC
    Most computers manufactured in the last few years will easily meet the minimum system requirements. If you have an older computer, here's what you need:
    • 233 MHz or higher processor (most computers meet this requirement)
    • At least 64 MB of RAM
    • A sound card
    • Speakers or headphones (if you want to play music on your computer)
    • An Internet connection
    • CD Burner (if you want to burn you music to a CD)
  2. A recent version of the Windows® Operating System. Your computer must be running the Windows 98se, 2000, Millennium Edition or XP operating system. Currently Mac and Linux are not compatible.
  3. Microsoft Windows Media Player 9. Download the latest Windows Media Player from Microsoft for free. Windows Media Player 9 is able to play the WMA music that has been protected by Digital Rights Management (DRM) encryption.